Teat Lamb/Kid Excal Grower 4-pack

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Shoof's 'Regular' lamb/kid teat is designed to replace our Little Softy(white) lamb/kid teat as the animals get stronger and start chewing the teats.

Teat has been designed especially for use in our gravity lamb feeders.

The teat will fit straight into any feeders using standard NewZealand-manufactured pull-through calf teats.

This enables any of these type calf feeders to be easily converted to lamb or kid feeding.

Or if you wish to create your own feeder, drill 22mm holes in any suitable container.

This black teat is made of stronger, harder rubber that is longer lasting than the Little Softy teat.

But the disadvantage is that this regular teat can be too firm for starting very young lambs and kids.

Pack of 4 teats




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