Dog Muzzle Industrial Large 202118

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These muzzles were developed in New Zealand to solve the problem of dogs working in industrial situations, such as freezing works, where they are encouraged to make a lot of noise, but can not be allowed to bite. The solution was this extra heavy duty 'industrial' muzzle. Made out of stainless steel rod and heavy duty vinyl coated webbing, they fit the dog snugly and comfortably. After a little introduction, most dogs happily wear the muzzle all the working day. The dog's barking and drinking ability are unaffected. In fact, it seems their inability to bite whilst wearing the muzzle, actually encourages their barking.

These muzzles will last the life of most dogs.

Approximate weight 330gm (medium muzzle).

*Dimensions are maximum nose circumference (at nose bridge) and length from nose tip to circumference point.