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Hoof Grinding Discs for Cattle, Horses, Sheep, Goats

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Hoof Grinding Discs, for use with your electric angle grinder.

Discs to suit both Professional and General use.

Good knowledge of animal anatomy required before use.

Sale is for one disc - Select type required.

203563 Philipsen is the leading brand in hoof discs. This disc incorporates tungsten-carbide chips fixed onto a rigid plate. The tungsten gives a quite aggressive cut, which can be necessary with very hard hoof horn, without building up heat. A rubber buffer on the back reduces vibration when cutting. Holes in the disc also serve to cool it. This quality disc is long lasting. Diameter is 115mm with 22mm centre hole 

211576 ‘Chainsaw-type’ hoof cutting disc from the ‘Merlin’ family specially developed for hoof trimming use. This disc will fit 4.5” angle grinders with 7/8” (22mm) centre hole. This disc will cut through the hardest horn with ease, yet is not too aggressive to handle. Much less fatiguing than regular hoof cutting discs. Tungsten-carbide teeth are long-lasting between sharpening.

213680 Standard model hoof cutting disc. Includes rubber vibration damper. Less granulation than Philipsen, but still highly effective. Diameter 115mm with 22mm centre hole.

211746 Use this flexible disc for less aggressive cutting back of horn, and for cleaning affected areas. Safer to use than aggressive cutting discs, but will not last very long. Diameter is 119mm with centre hole of 25mm.

215375 Ideal for the professional hoof trimmer. Made in Germany. Disc of lightweight alloy is easier to manage and has less vibration. Perforation holes in disc give greatest cooling, and enable viewing right through the disc when it is operating at speed. (See photo above.) This prevents over-cutting and damaging hoof tissue. The 6 knives run smoothly, coolly and efficiently removing horn tissue. Knives are reversible for double the life. This disc allows fast and accurate horn removal, with lowest risk of injury to man or animal. The disc should trim more than 3,000 hooves on one set of knives. Diameter 120mm with 22mm centre hole.

215392 * Professional Disc Replacement Knife Set 3-pack . Note: Set contains 3 knives and screws. (Not 6.)

 215374 The 'P6' is one of Europe's most widely-used hoof cutting discs. Made in Germany. High enough quality for the professional, but at an affordable price for the non-professional. Cutting discs with knives, rather than embedded chips, cut cleaner, faster and cooler, and have longer life. Can be used safely on both the sole, and in the interdigital space. Geometric layout of cutters gives maximum flexibility of use, cutting wherever it is touching the hoof. Should cut up to 1,500 hooves. (Knives are not replaceable.) Disc diameter 125mm with 22mm centre hole.



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